Rainbow Squad

Capture more territory than your opponent by assimilation of nearby cells. But beware, opponent has the same goal. Who will win? One who plans better, or one who do the better math? Or maybe one who is more lucky?


Tactics & Luck

To win, you will have to use tactics, strategy and a bit of luck.

Off-line mode

No connection? Switch to training mode. Do some training while traveling without the internet connection.


Compete with other players all over the world. Prove you're the best! Join the clans, participate in tournaments!

Surround, capture, assimilate

Surround cells, capture them and assimilate to make your territory grow bigger.

Lots of rewards

Get rewards not only for winning the battles, but for win streaks and diverse achievements.

8 colours of victory

At your service! The squad of crazy supervillains, and everyone of them has their mission and goal. Together you will change the world. Maybe not in a best way, but will no longer be the same again!



Download App

Visit the main menu screen of the app and click on the menu icon (upper right). Once there, please click on the SOCIAL NETS to open the list of social networks supported. Click on Facebook icon to create a save.
Yes, you can connect any mobile device. But first, we recommend you to make sure you save your game via Facebook using the main device and account you wish to utilize.
Booster is a way to make your colour more powerful for one turn during the battle. Booster is also a resourse, which can be used to upgrade your colour forever.
Yes. Unauthorized "chargebacks" (unwarranted or illegitimate refunds) violate the End User License Agreement and players who engage in the practice will have their accounts removed from the game. Additional steps may also be taken at our discretion.
While in colour upgrade window use a booster of the same colour and then apply changes.